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We specialize in documentary style films & content for brands, businesses, non-profits, musicians and also just for the hell of it. With authenticity at the forefront, we approach filmmaking with the idea that there is heart, beauty & a story worth telling almost everywhere you look - and in taking proper care to capture - the camera can allow those things to play out in front of our eyes. Our goal is to create compelling and immersive pieces that make you think and feel. Please don't hesitate to connect if you feel like we'd be a good fit!

We are currently in production on a feature documentary following the story of Congolese Rumba band
A multigenerational group featuring family members and friends who immigrated to the midwest from Congo and Tanzania.

Plus Minus is co-owned & operated by Danny Bowersox and Tyler Bachert. Founded in 2019, having specialized in sound production and post-production for many years we find ourselves producing our own dynamic and engaging films & content. We love telling real stories & immersing folks in worlds that they may not otherwise come across or have access to. We especially love when we get to work with musicians & utilize our depth of knowledge in sound engineering to create high quality recordings & footage in interesting and challenging environments. 

 Visit for more about our mixing and sound design work.

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